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This section we can call mediablog or digest which briefly shows us the most interesting facts at the field of tool manufacturing at the World and in Russia.

after long-term experiments and testing we are starting production of the milling cutters from hard metal GUHRING

serial production of stock items: drills for pvc windows and milling cutters for pvc and aluminium

Fair of machinery and tools for metalworking industry – Metalloobrabotka 2015. Fair enable the visitors to discuss and to solve with producers and suppliers the number of technological issues.

video of one helix milling cutter

received next shipment of high speed steel. Each shipment passes the control of chemical structure and reached hardness at cross section, what guarantees high quality chemical hardening throughout the thickness.

we made the processing of the whole shipment of steel at the grinding machine

Within the conference devoted to the organization of works related with the import substitution of the technological equipment and tools our representatives participated on 19 December 2014 at the meeting of the Committee on machine tool industry of the Russian machine builder Union of Russia (

Representatives of the large industrial enterprises have prepared reports regarding the needs in domestic equipment and tools within the programmes of import substitution. In particular, presentations were made by chief engineers and technologists of such enterprises, as: FSUE CNPC Khrunichev, JSC "RCC "Progress", FSUE "NPO Lavochkin", JSC "PZ Mashinostroitel" and others. Representatives of the enterprises belonging to the Association of machine tool manufacturers «Stankoinstrument», made a report about the technological equipment and tools proposed for import substitution. In addition, within the conference consumers and producers of the machine-building products exchanged their point of views on relevant issues and established close contacts between organizations.

together with the Swiss representative of the manufacture of CNC commissioning of the equipment were made

the training for NUMROTO software for engineering design of the tools was passed

first shipment of the heat-treated high-speed cobalt steel BOHLER S705 from Austria arrived

installation of the equipment. with the help of the crane truck transporting and setting the CNC grinding centre into the building

acceptance in Germany. checking the geometry of the CNC machine, because the passport precision of the CNC centre is only 0.1 micron.

the production of the machine. prior to acceptance of the CNC grinding center just a few days. estimating rigidity of the construction

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