Milling cutters, end mills, drill bits and saw blades production

We are using high quality austrian cobalt high speed steel (hss) Bohler, and for the most particular customers we have powder steel Bohler with maximum possible for powder steels hardness, viscosity and wear resistance.

Steel thermotreatment is taking place at fully automatic induction furnaces at austria, what guarantee stable high quality of each lot of steel.

We have all necesary new machinery for production of end mills, drills, saw blades, knifes and special tools. The base of our production is german grinding center Saacke with loading and changing instruments robots.

For organizing of the production we used accumulated from the year 2005 experience and help of our partner, who provided us with full support at organizing and equipping of the production and staff trainings for the technologies of cutting tools production and now already at the costant basis is implementing the technological support.

To get high performance tools we are using machine for vacuum deposition of wear resistance coatings OERLIKON balzers ingenia. Right choice of the coating helps to increase the productivity and to increase the life time of the tools at several times.




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