We can sharpen the drill at the back edge on the whole helix what to do manually is very difficult. It is quite difficult to make Resharpening manually for stepped drills. Possible to make manual Resharpening of the cutting angle and backing, but sharpened at this way drills badly make deep holes.

Resharpening of the helix drill HSS – 1.8 euro
Resharpening of the helix stepped drill HSS – 3.0 euro

Resharpening of the helix milling cutters HM and HSS manually is much more difficult, that is why many milling cutters do not regrind at all and use them till the end – till «kill them».

Resharpening of the milling cutter Z1 – 0.9 euro
Resharpening of the milling cutter Z2 – 1.8 euro 
Resharpening of the milling cutter Z3 – 2.7 euro
Resharpening of the milling cutter Z4 – 3.6 euro

Rules you should follow if you plan to regrind the tool:
- keep plastic packing to use it further for sending tools for Resharpening
- blunter the cutting edge large removing of steel is needed and less lifetime remain
- cutting surface with cleavages is not possible to recover, cleavages will stay after Resharpening
- esharpening of high quality milling cutter or drill the length and the diameter decreases at 0.05 mm

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